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School Visits to Armscote Manor

Having gained CEVAS accreditation Mrs Williams (owner) and Gwyn Perry (Head Gardener) are happy to welcome key stage 1-3 groups to the estate.  The grounds of the Manor cover many acres and a wide range of diverse sites are available which may be used for a variety of year groups and are topics/subjects which are listed later.

The initial topic to be offered is Habitats, this can incorporate a wide range of subjects with the visit: Citizenship topics such as, animals and us, respect for property, developing our school grounds.

The activities that it should be possible to arrange include:

– pond/lake dipping
– collecting materials: leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit (season dependent), which could be used to create pictures/drawings; make insect “hotels”; use for counting/calculating, number of species, quadrants; identifying plants/animals; natural nesting, burrow sites and comparing with nest boxes and log-piles etc; animal signs
– effects of man on plants/animal/landscape
– effects of animals on plants/landscapes – wild (damage) – domesticated
– design a nest box or shelter for a specified creature
– interdependence between plants/animals/us

The other topic activities required for the KS1 and 2 (habitats) include the following:

– finding different habitats
– different animals in different habitats
–grouping living things using keys to identify plants and animals (school to provide the key)
– investigating plans and animals
– finding out about food sources
– identifying food chains
– protecting habitats

Each visit will (by the nature of the time available) only be able to be an adjunct to work time at school.

The estate contains the following habitats for consideration:

– hedgerows and ditches
– shelterbelts
– grassland, sheep grazing/garden lawnslake/ponds
– drives/paths (various materials)
– amenity areas
– food productions areas
– provided shelters – dormouse, barn and little owl, tree sparrow, dovecote and standard nest boxes

This is a private estate and as such we will take care to provide a safe environment within the parameters of a working estate gardens. Schools/groups will need to provide adult support as appropriate and a school staff member for each group to be responsible for the wellbeing and behaviour of the pupils. Manor staff do not contribute to the required adult to child ratio. In order to make the visit of greatest benefit, lead teacher(s) are advised to visit the site at a mutually convenient time to familiarise themselves with the site(s) of the visit and conduct their own risk assessment and discuss their requirements.

It is assumed that school/LEA/statutory policy will be followed concerning medication requirements of individual children.  Groups must also accept responsibility for the First Aid requirements of their pupils and staff that may arise. There in no first aid cover on site.

A sheltered place for lunch can be provided or a location for a picnic.  We also have a large room for indoor study or a talk.  

Toilet and hand washing facilities are provided.  Any necessary clothing should be provided by the school.Should you be interested in visiting please contact:

Mrs R G Williams
Armsote Manor
Warwickshire CV37 8DATel: 01608 682 375Or contact us using our
contact formWhichford Pottery or directly from us here at Armscote.To date, proceeds donated to charity from the sales of this pot are in excess of £2,700.

Armscote, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8DA
01608 682375

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