Buff Orpington Hens   

Orpingtons have a very placid, friendly and docile nature, one that is tolerant of being handled. This placid nature does mean that it can be bullied by other birds so if mixing with other breeds make sure they have plenty of free range space. They are one of the best birds for the first time keeper and for those with children-an ideal ‘pet’ chicken. It is a fairly hardy breed but will need protection in wet weather - the heavy soft feathering can get waterlogged. They don’t like very hot weather so shade should be provided. They are not agile or flighty, a 3 foot fence is often sufficient to contain them. They make good mothers. Perches should be lower and nest boxes larger than normal. They prefer to roam free.

Orpington bantams are probably more productive in terms of number and size of eggs produced against food and housing requirements, than large Orpingtons, which often lay rather small eggs for their size.