These pots are the first of a new range.

They are the inspiration of Deborah Williams who designed the pot with a lighter wash so that it blends in with Cotswold stone and the larger base of the plant is to accommodate olive and fruit trees..

Deborah is also a keen bee keeper and supporter of Shipston Home Nursing, to whom a commission will be paid on the sale of these pots.

A soft terracotta mist coat has been applied prior to firing and the bee motif randomly applied to each pot.

The pots can either be bought from Whichford Pottery or directly from us here at Armscote.

To date, proceeds donated to charity from the sales of this pot are in excess of £2,700.

REF Cost Size (inches)
Ref. 1649 £23.50 7 ½ x 8 Pot
Ref. 1649gl £27.50 7 ½ x 8 Glazed Pot (Moss/Honey/Blue)
Ref. 1651gl £19.95 6 x 6 ½ Glazed Pot (Moss/Honey/Blue)
Ref. 1646 £45.50 9 ½ x 11 Pot
Ref. 1650 £42.00 9 x 11 ½ Wallpot
Ref. 1644 £55 each (£99 pair) 10 ½ x 12 ½ Pot
Ref. 1643 £77.00 12 ½ x 15 Pot
Ref. 1642 £94.50 each (£174 pair) 14 x 16 Pot
Ref. 1641 £139.00 16 x 18 ½ Pot
Ref. 1640B £334 each (£618 pair) 20 x 21 Pot
Set of three pots £449.00 1×1644, 1×1642, 1x1640B Pots

Bee Pot Glazed Blue Bee Pot Glazed Moss Bee Pot Glazed Honey


The designer of Whichford Pottery’s popular Armscote Bee Pot, Deborah Williams, recently came across a pedestal pot that she remembered her mother using to great effect in her childhood garden.

Jim Keeling and his team have worked with Deborah to produce this replica pot and base which can be used either in tandem or separately.  As with the Armscote Bee Pots it has been mist-coated to give a soft terracotta patina.

Pot   £170.00

Pedestal   £25.00

Pot & Pedestal Combination   £195.00

These can be purchased directly from Whichford Pottery

Original Pot and Pedestal
Original Pot and Pedestal

New Pot and Pedestal
New Pot and Pedestal